Spend Less Time Keeping Track Of PTO

Hundreds of businesses are using Staff Monitoring System to track, request, and approve their employees' paid time off

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  • Track Employees

    Use Staff Monitoring System to track how many employee resources are currently available in your company and to estimate the effect of someone's absence.

  • Automate Request Approvals

    Save time by automating the process of approving time off requests. Employees receive a notification when their requests are approved.

  • Restrict Time Off Schedules

    Restrict on the number of employees you want to take time off at the same time so that you can ensure availability of staff.

  • Automate Accrual Computation

    Automate the computation of accured time off, and add manual adjustments for any accurals not covered.

  • Simplify Time Off Reporting

    Ensure up-to-the minute reporting of employee time off and accruals with no delays right infront of your computer.

  • Simple Subscription Plans

    Very simple subscription model, setup a recurring payment once to use the service